From the earliest days of skateboarding to the rise of professional skaters and athletes that have pushed to sport to new heights, learning a little more about your favorite sport could provide you with a great deal of insight as well as a new level of appreciation for those who came before you. Print media, early video recordings and even documentaries that have been made over the years could all prove to be a fascinating subject of study, especially for those who are curious about Read the rest of this entry »

Skateboarding accidents can and often do happen. Skateboarders practice for hours developing their skills to prevent accidents. However, sometimes that is not enough. Skateboarding accidents happen all the time. The best way to prevent injury from skateboarding accidents is to wear protective gear. You should wear a helmet and protective clothing. Add knee and elbow pads to protect yourself further. Skateboarding can be a lot of fun but you must follow a few safety rules. Don’t skateboard in the Read the rest of this entry »

Skaters have their own unique language that only other skaters understand. The slang terms skaters use might be difficult to understand, but luckily, this article will help you understand the most commonly used terms.

1.Sick: Sick doesn’t mean ill for skaters; it actually means awesome, cool, terrific and so forth. For example, a skater might say: “Dude, that board was sick.”

2.Stoked: This term simply means to like. For example, a skater might say: ” Read the rest of this entry »

Skateboarding games have risen and fallen in popularity over the last decade. While some games have hit there mark almost every time, other franchises have fallen by the wayside. Avid skateboard game enthusiasts know exactly which franchise is being mentioned. At its height, it was the very essence of skateboard gaming; but repetitive stages, bad peripherals, and terrible controls caused its fall from grace. However, this discussion focuses on the good old days of skateboarding video games; in fact, the following is a list Read the rest of this entry »

Beginning skateboarders likely see professionals doing all sorts of fantastic tricks and dream of one day copying them, but until that day arrives, it is best familiarize yourself with one or two simple tricks. One of the best tricks to learn is the ‘Ollie’.

The Ollie allows the rider to leap into the air with the board without using hands. The trick was created by pro-skater pioneer Alan Gefland. When mastered, the trick allows the rider to execute many other, more difficult tricks.

Begin with a basic stance and the board Read the rest of this entry »


Best Ways To Learn How To Skateboard

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Best Ways To Learn How To Skateboard

Without a doubt some of the best ways to learn how to skateboard is to practice over and over again. Like any sport or activity, skateboarding requires a certain amount of self-discipline and talent. Many skateboarders are commonly considered slackers and so the general ethos from an outside perspective may seem like these individuals do not care enough to train or get better at their sport. Moreover, others have commented how skateboarding is just a way to hang out Read the rest of this entry »

Rob Drydek is a professional skateboarder and reality TV star. There are plenty of pro skaters out there but few can say they have national recognition and fame like Rob Drydek does. Starting in the playground and landing in the spotlight on MTV, his ride has been a wild one.

Around the age of 12 Rob took up skate boarding and was a natural. To him, the board felt like an extension of his body. That allowed him Read the rest of this entry »

Many sports these days involve the person to be in a public place while practicing or participating in them with friends. One sport that is known for being in a public space is skateboarding. Not only is skateboarding known for how often it is conducted in public, but it is also known for being somewhat of an annoyance to those who have to be around it. Not many people like the idea of someone skating past them on a skateboard. Read the rest of this entry »

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